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Certification center

Certification Center at the Scientific Publications offers to prove your proficiency and skill in scientometrics and scientific publications. The certificate, issued by the Scientific and Educational Center of the company, is an official document, the authenticity of which can be verified using the form below.

About center

The Certification Center was established by the Scientific Publications company to share information about scientometrics and scientific publications.

Nurture your curiosity and learn more about scientometrics and scientific publications from a trusted source

Round-the-clock Access

Certificates can always be found by searching

Quality of materials

All educational material is unique and structured exclusively by our specialists

Printed certificate

Soon you will have the opportunity to order a printed certificate and receive it in a preferred post office

Update materials

All materials are constantly updated in accordance with changes in the world of scientometrics

Registration instructions

Check your email

After completing the seria of webinars, participants receive a letter by e-mail with a link on registration form. Copy the information bellow the link (email and access code) to fill out the first registration form on the platform of the Certification Centre.

Enter information

  • Name in national language
  • Name in English
  • Place of work
  • Scientific title or degree
  • Confirm the subscription to the Youtube channel of Scientific Publication

Get your certificate

After filling out the second form, the researcher receives a second letter by email, which contains a link to the certificate.